Honestly, I probably sound like every damn girl on the planet when I say, “Oh, I’ve liked Cardi B before she was even cool, back in the Love and Hip Hop days, bla bla bla.” But you know what, I have! I used to bump Cardi B waaaaay back before she was cool before anyone knew what the fuck she was talking about. She was and has always been speaking some truth whether you wanted to hear it or not.

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Professional AF

A speech about why you should hire me. I promise, after reading this you’ll want to call me up and offer me a job. I’m telling you, I’m a catch!

Bay Street, Adelaide, Richmond, King Street, Wellington, Queen West, Spadina Avenue. Streets of Toronto, I’m calling to you! I’m calling you to deliver a very important message. A message of importance, a message of knowledge, a message of urgency. I, Jennifer Evans, a 5 foot 7 inch tall, fake blonde with heavy roots professional woman, yes that’s right, I said a woman, am calling to you to let Toronto and its professional streets know that I am available! Not available in the desperate, sexual, needy, parental issues kind of way, but available in the ready to be hired for employment kind of way. Wouldn’t you like to explain to people why they should hire you? Doesn’t that sound like something that would be much easier than sitting down for an interview, repetitively reminding hiring managers how your organized, how you work well in teams, that you are fluent in Hootsuite and my favourite, detail oriented. Bla, bla, bla, sounds like a snooze fest.

In a world full of the Poli Sci, History, and Business degrees sits a girl drenched in Early Childhood Education. Me! I’ve often reminded my professors and peers how I gave up a 10-year career to take on this new venture, how I’m not sure if this is the right path for me, how from week to week I find myself constantly caught in the eye of the storm. But not to worry, I’m not worried, I know what I bring to the table, the question is, do you? On top of being well-spoken, a jack of all trades, eager to please, and detail oriented, I am also a Millennial. A Millennial whom like many who have come before me isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, isn’t afraid to step up to the plate, isn’t afraid to work three jobs, seven days a week on no more than 25 hours of sleep a week, oh wait, that was my last gig. The thing about me, and my peers is that I want to work, I want to pay my dues, I want to start establishing myself in my career.

Next, I’d like to explain to you why it is I think I’m so perfect for hire. The number one thing that makes me a reliable candidate for the working world is because even though I am a Millennial, even though the same jobs that were available 20 years ago pay the same then than they do now, even though the idea of moving out of my mothers basement before I’m 47 isn’t an option, I promise I won’t work a mere two years and ask for senior level position in the company. I dare not ask for that, especially when my rent is $1,200/month, student loans at minimum are $300/month for the next 23 years, my car payment, without gas is $200/month, and honestly, I also enjoy eating. As a new hire, I’ll work my ass off, pay my dues, go down in the trenches for my team. I am a team player.

Before I reign it in, I’d just like to make sure you haven’t forgotten why I am so hireable. On top of being all the amazing things I mentioned before, I am also punctual, like really punctual, I’ve been two hours early to class every day this year. Now I can’t promise that I’ll be taking part in washing my hair every day, I can, however, promise to always look presentable for the client, clean enough to not scare off my neighbouring cubicle buddies, and pop some gum after an onion bagel.

In closing, it’s really not that difficult to understand why you should hire me. I mean wasn’t there a time when you needed a job when you needed to pay your dues when you wished someone would cut you a break and see what you had to offer. I invite you, I encourage you, I welcome you to risk it for the biscuit and take a chance. Take a chance on me, Jennifer Evans.

IMG_3891 copy

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Confident Yet Deterred

So I spend a lot of my downtime watching Youtube videos. Most of the videos I watch are makeup reviews, unboxings, or tutorials. I enjoy watching these videos because believe it or not, I actually really enjoy makeup and aside from food, it’s probably one of my more major expenses. I know this is hard for you guys to believe since if you see me on a daily basis I generally pretty laid back with little to no makeup on and constantly rocking my messy bun. But you know what, when it comes time for me to buckle down before a night out on the town or just a casual Tuesday afternoon, I can slay a gorgeous full face of makeup.

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Last week I helped put on the VOICES 2018 speaking competition! I was part of a 9 person team and was led by our fearless leader, Mimi Tsui.

Four colleges, Seneca CollegeGeorgian CollegeHumber College, and Centennial College, 13 competitors, and four phenomenal judges took part in this years theme, “Your City Your Way.”

VOICES is an opportunity for the best and brightest public relations, corporate communications, marketing and advertising students in the Greater Toronto Area to come together and showcase their creativity and public speaking talents.

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I can throw an axe now…

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine organized a night where we went axe throwing. I know, I know, what the fuck were you doing throwing axe’s? Well, to be honest, it was pretty uncomfortable at first, you think it’ll be easy, but let me tell you, it’s fucking terrifying.

You get some preliminary training where the trainers keep their eye on you and monitor how you throw the axe and continue to give you tips and tricks – super helpful! After a bunch of practice throwing, you now get to take part in a tournament.

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Snacks in the Car


So a couple of weeks ago my bestie and I had a day date Downtown Oakville where we walked along Lakeshore and explored some local shops.

We took a pit stop at Black Forest Pastry Shop where we got more than enough snacks to survive an apocalypse, like who the fuck do we think we are, one was more than enough. I thought it would be fun to film a little impromptu snack session between the two of us.

Before our treats, we actually went for brunch at Stoney’s Bread Company – hands down one of the best places to eat. Our meals looked a little something like this…


I’d like to let you all know that I have not made a vlog before and really, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. This is the first attempt, I definitely need to let my personality shine through more, however, something about being filmed while you eat apple crumble with your double chin hanging low isn’t the most flattering of opportunities to show the world who you really are.

Anyways, enjoy this quick video, and if you like it, maybe I’ll make some more!


Cupcakes and Chicken

A couple weeks ago, Amy and I went for brunch and a cute little romantic walk around Downtown Burlington. It was pretty cold and windy, likely because we walked right by the water.

For brunch, we went to The Coop and ate yummy chicken treats and then we got cupcakes from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe.

We bonded over our internship success, how great our boyfriends are *eye roll*, and how little we know about Investor Relations – sorry Jeff.